Partner’s council

Msc. Fatbardh Xhaferi

Fuel Company HIB

Msc. Nexhmi Rama

Railway Public Company “Infrakos”

Msc. Matej Krasniqi

Civil Aviation Authority of Kosova CAA

Msc. Edona Ahmeti

Kosovo Insurance Bureau

Msc. Bujar Istogu

Kosovo Standardization Agency

Msc. Ilir Prapashtica

Kosovo Insurance Association

Msc. Hafije Gërbeshi

Automobile Company “BAKI”

Bsc. Jeton Kryeziu

Vehicle Technical Control Center

Naser Jonuzi

Transport Company “Barileva”

Lirije Gorani

Student representative

Granit Ahmeti

Student representative

Labor Market Partner’s Council

The labor market Partner’s Council (henceforth: PC) is a body of partnership between industry and academic part of Tempulli College.

The PC will assist Tempulli College in fulfilling its mission as well as in its strategic planning, by providing relevant advice on important issues of various natures.

The PC is a selected group of industry representatives who provide guidance to the academic and professional department of Tempulli College regarding academic issues and strategic planning.

It is strongly recommended that external representatives (not academics, not senior) make up at least 50% of all members and have at least a superior university education (completed university degree).

The work of the PC is directed by the PC leader, who is elected by the members of the PC based on their own proposals, on a rotational basis (in order to maintain the principle of equality and participation in the leadership of all representatives of the PC).

Membership in the PC provides members with membership for a period of three years with a maximum membership period of 5 consecutive years.

The PC presents a forum where ideas are exchanged and recommendations are given. The PC coordinator ensures direct connection, effective and mutual communication between the academic department and the industry.

The PC serves as a powerful means to assist in the academic and professional development of Tempulli College curriculum programs.

The PC may also serve as a fundraising mechanism, having its partner from the industry, through the application in projects of common interest, as well as the exchange of books and materials relevant to common areas.

The Labor Market Partner Council adopts its own rules of procedure.

The proposals of the PC are adopted by a majority vote of its members and forwarded to the Steering Council for approval.