The Center for Professional Development (CPD) is established in 2006. CPD organizes training programs, vocational training and professional certifications with programs that are evaluated by local and international experts and under the authorization of relevant government institutions.

All of these training programs and professional certifications will rely heavily on local and international laws that are in force, based on the relevant provisions of these laws or other by laws.

CPC (M) Manager

Training are developed under programs from IRU Academy and based on law and administrative instruction from Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (EU Directive /2003/59 – the European Parliament and Council, Law on Road Transport no. 2004/1, Administrative Instruction 2006/15).

CPC (D) Driver

This program serves for:

  • Freight driver
  • Passenger transport driver


The training are developed under programs from IRU Academy and based on the Administrative Instructions of MTPT, Nr. 2005/3 and 2006/11


In this program participants will gain knowledge on legal requirements, operating restrictions, packaging instructions, marking, labeling, regulations for documentation related to the transport of dangerous goods.


The trainings are conducted on the basis of programs from the IRU Academy and based on the New Law on Road Transport.

Seminars of driving

The seminars aim to improve and expand the knowledge of licensed driving instructors and are a legal requirement for meeting the conditions for license renewal by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

Inspectors of vehicles technical

The training aims to provide candidates with sufficient knowledge in theoretical teaching and practical work, to be professionally prepared for work as inspectors licensed in these centers.

Driver Instructor

“Driver Instructor” is the person authorized to train candidates for drivers from the practical part for the respective category.

Driving school

Driving school is an entity that teaches the skills (training) to the candidates for drivers of the vehicles.