Bachelor Programs

Study program:

Traffic Engineering and Road Transport – BA, 180 ECTS/6 NQF
Transport Engineering and Road Infrastructure – BSc, 180 ECTS/6 NQF


Traffic and Transport Engineering
Infrastructure Engineering
Urban Planning and Mobility


This existing BSc program is divided into logical semesters and all units are properly described and have learning objectives and outcomes in line with the National Qualifications Framework and the Framework for Qualifications of the European Higher Education Area. There are three slightly different versions of the qualification (Infrastructure Engineering, Traffic and Transport Engineering and Urban Planning and Mobility) with much of the content generic and only Semester 5 which differs slightly.

The semesters have a balance and a ‘flow’ which allows students time to ensure that both knowledge and understanding can be embedded. Final placements in industry and the service industries enables students to properly prepare for employment whilst gaining important information in relation to the latest technologies and current and future priorities.

Each of the semesters in turn are related to:

– Semester One: Road Transport, IT , Traffic and English Language;

– Semester Two: Transport Technology, Languages, Optional and Professional Subjects and Traffic;

– Semester Three: IT Systems, Road Infrastructure, Multimodal Issues, Professional Subjects and Languages;

– Semester Four: Loading/Unloading, Research, Travel Patterns, Professional Subjects and Traffic;

– Semester Five: Types, Governance and Funding of Transport, Professional Subjects, Traffic Psychology and Medicine, Parking and Marketing;

– Semester Six: Independent Project (this semester involves student to work placement and an independent research project).