Student services


The first steps at Tempulli, for you as a new student will be to request general information regarding the application, registration and curriculum and other additional information concerning your status of a new student. The Student’s Service is responsible for this issue. 

Located on the first floor of the building, the administrative assistants are always ready to help and answer every request of yours.
The Student’s Service is at your disposal from Monday to Saturday starting from 08:30 am up to 08:00 pm.

Administrative services which the Student’s Service provides are:

  • Entrance examination
  • Semester registration
  • Schedules of lectures, assessment tests
  • Exam submission your requests
  • Study evidence
  • Certificates for the passed exams
  • Application for carrying the exams in case of transfer
  • Announcement of exam results
  • Organization of consultations with professors
  • Providing other information regarding the activities etc.

In addition to continuous services for students through relevant offices, Tempulli has been upgrading all electronic services through various digital platforms. Our electronic services offer support and guideline to students starting from admission, to financial support, registration both, during studying as after graduation. All these services aim to ensure effective and consistent support to the students and to implement policy of the programs of Tempulli on innovative educational and curricular services in line with the mission and policy of Tempulli.

The following are the electronic services of students, which are available and will be further:

Webmail”The system enables communication with all students, individually or in certain groups. All Tempulli’s students, but also academic staff have their account in our domain, thus, enabling the continuous communication between themselves.

E-Services: It is a digital platform, which leads to providing services to students 24 hours even if they are not present in the Tempulli building. This service enables students to have continuous access into information that are related to development in the College. Students are enabled to register semesters; decide the subjects they want to attend; download materials that are distributed by teachers; book the exams; receive their scores; and many other opportunities.

SMS: Through SMSs, all students of Tempulli are informed in real time of the news and information that are important to them.