Traffic Engineering and Road Safety

Traffic Engineering and Road Safety


  • Traffic and Transport Engineering
  • Road Safety and Accident Management

Program description:
The two-year program at the Tempulli Academy of Traffic Engineering and Road Safety will provide students with contemporary theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of transport, infrastructure, road safety and accident management.

In line with the role and importance of transport for the future development of Kosovo, the region and beyond, the mission of the Tempulli Academy is to continue promoting and raising knowledge, skills and abilities in vocational training programs and academic programs in order to manage traffic, increase traffic safety and various trainings in this field, in accordance with European and world standards, in full and open cooperation with relevant institutions, business, industry and the community.

This study program builds scientific and professional skills over those bachelor of traffic engineering, infrastructure and traffic and gives the opportunity to enroll all students who have completed bachelor studies in relevant fields.

What will I learn from this program?

  • Raises various academic, professional and research ethical issues;
  • Work individually and in groups on theoretical and practical problems;
  • Develop analytical and scientific skills in solving complex problems;
  • Develop individual research skills and presentation skills of scientific work;
  • Dlan and project traffic flow;
  • Develop local and national policies in traffic management;
  • Uses software to build models for simulating traffic flow;
  • Inspect and audit road safety;
  • Analyze the main causes of accidents and recommend measures to prevent them;
  • Simulate the development of accidents through application software;
  • Reconstruct accidents and develop professional expertise;

Why study Traffic Engineering and Road Safety?

  • The only and unique program in Kosovo;
  • Modern program in content and designed in collaboration with businesses to meet the needs of the labor market;
  • Application of theoretical learning in practice through practical work;
  • Professional staff;
  • Participation in various conferences and research;
  • Student exchanges abroad.

How much does the program cost?

The price for the Traffic and Transport Engineering program for the academic year 2023/2024 is 1800* euros. Contact Tempulli officials for scholarships and discounts.