Assessment of PSS student`s knowledge on traffic signs and rules

This research has been carried out by College of Technical Applied Sciences TEMPULLI and Kosovo Motorization Association in collaboration with Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

Since long time there is a need for a comprehensive campaign related to road safety. Beside publication of “Auto tempulli” magazine, the only illustrated magazine in the country, up to date there have been no other initiatives for road safety at national level

The activities during 2013 are being organized as per the schedule and planning approved at the RSF establishment on May 14, 2013. These activities have been planned to be organized as the below mentioned phases:

First phase

May – June 2013 – Organization of the test-evaluation for the achievement;

Second phase

July – August 2013 – Finalization of TV Programs;

Third phase

September – December 2013 – Publication of research results;

– Continuation of school activities;

– Continuation of TV Programs.

With the purpose to expand the focus of road safety activities, Tempulli College in collaboration with KTV has come to realize a weekly TV program “Road Safety”. At these programs experts are invited and field interviews and chronicles are realized as per the topic treated.


The research has been implemented during spring and summer by selecting 40 primary and secondary schools. There has been an assessment of the theoretical part (knowing traffic signs and rules) and in the practical part (technical capabilities on cycling). Based on the analyses of the situation it has been identified a low level of theoretical knowledge and practical lessons on traffic rules and behavior. The results of this research have been focused on the schools and not on individual results

Based on this research data and by knowing the actual situation on road safety and as well as on the activities organized we consider these activities to be very necessary as per the conclusions listed below:

1) To work on compiling a plan and program for “Road safety” subject in the schools with the purpose of including it on school curricula for 2014/2015 school year;

2) To organize permanent school and recreational activities with children with the purpose of increasing the knowledge of a safer and cultured traffic behavior, and by supporting institutional activities on the “Road safety” project started this year in primary schools of Kosovo;

3) To assure funds for organizing campaigns on road safety. The creation of a fund with a symbolic payment from the incomes of the insurances, road taxes when the vehicles are registered;

4) To harmonize organization of the activities on national basis for road safety;

5) To involve most part of the institutions, organizations, civil society on organization of the activities for children road safety;

6) To expand all over the country the global activities for children road safety​.