International Film Festival

1st International Short Film Festival “Safety of Life”

To save a life is like saving the whole world!

Life Safety International Film Festival is held for the first time in Kosovo, and is the only one in this format. Making films with a Smartphone is just for those who are truly creative, and have a story to tell, through artistic creativity, by sparking the spark of thinking for the most precious thing of humans, namely LIFE. The festival intends to bring new and more practical methods for critical thinking to younger generations through education and film, creating opportunities for expression of their creativity. Once this feeling is created it will encourage them to have a different perception of how they walk in the street and transform their street stories but also into other settings, with different social themes in films and present them to this Festival.

This 1st Edition is dedicated to Roads Safety and the Festival is named “ROADS HAVE STORIES”

The Competitive Character of the Festival


  1. Competition Program “Mobile Short Film” 1 to 29 min.
  2. Competition Program “Mobile Documentary Film” 5 to 29 min.
  3. Competition Program “VLog Documentary Film” 3 to 22 min.
  4. Competition Program “Diaspora Mobile Success Story” 3 to 29 min.

721 films from 92 countries around the world have competed in this festival.