Master Programs

Study program:

  1. Traffic Engineering and Road Safety, MSc, 120 ECTS / 7 NQF


  1. Traffic and Transport Engineering
  2. Road Safety and Accident Management


This program is divided into four logical semesters and all units are properly described and have learning objectives and outcomes in line with the National Qualifications Framework and the Framework for Qualifications of the European Higher Education Area. The semesters have a balance of theory and practice and a ‘flow’ which allows students time to ensure that both knowledge and understanding can be embedded. The overlying purpose of such an advanced program is to train potential senior staff for employment in key public and private sector operations within Kosovo and to enable successful graduates to export their skills in order to gain international experience, both aims clearly also focused on developing the Kosovan economy.

– Semester Seven: transport Flow and Infrastructure and Professional Subjects, Forwarding, Environmental Protection, Urban planning and Applied Mathematics.

– Semester Eight – Modelling, Vertical Transport, Logistics, Professional Subjects, Technology, English Terminology, Vehicle diagnostics and Global Communications.

– Semester Nine:  Traffic and Transport Movement Systems, Professional Subjects, Dangerous Goods, Facilities, and IT applications for Traffic and Design.

– Semester Nine: Involves work placement and an independent research project.