The head of institute

Director of the Institute is Dr. Sc. Mevlan Bixhaku

Within its functional structure, Tempulli Academy also houses the Institute for Road Safety and Transportation Research “Tempulli”.

The Director of the Institute is selected on the basis of a competition procedure and is open to candidates in and out of Tempulli Academy.

The Director of Institute is appointed for a four-year term, with the right to be re-elected.

The Director of Institute has the following competencies:

  • Determines the program and topics of the scientific work at the Institute;
  • Leads and controls the implementation of the program related to studies and trainings according to the relevant topics;
  • Assesses the work of Institute members during the academic year;
  • Cooperates closely with other departments and other structures at Tempulli;
  • Reports achievements and potential problems to the Steering Council of the Academy.