Identifying the main factors affecting the safety of students movement from home to school and vice versa

Education and schooling on road safety but also public information help people move safely on the road. By raising awareness and encouraging people to obey rules and signs on the road, it helps to create well-being and comfort for all. These and other similar reasons have been the main push for starting work in the realization of this research.

College “Tempulli” and AMRKS in cooperation with MEST and supported by Kosovo Forum for Road Safety this year organised the fourth edition of School Magazine “Road Safety”, this activity is now in the traditional level in the country, with pupils representatives from primary and lower secondary schools from different municipalities of the Republic of Kosovo. Selection of schools is done by MEST.

In 2016 part of the activity were altogether 20 Primary and Lower Secondary Schools. from 6 municipalities of the Republic of Kosovo (Prishtina, Lipjan, Ferizaj, Vushtrri, Suhareka and Mitrovica). As in previous years, the implementation of this edition has been divided into two parts: theoretical part (visits to schools where pupils are tested / evaluated) and the practical part (bicycle races). The data derived from the theoretical evaluation of pupils in schools reflect at the same time the results of this research.