Vice Dean

Tempulli College has two (2) vice deans:

Dr. Sc. Gëzim Hoxha, Regular Professor 

Vice-dean for Scientific Programs

Dr. Sc. Ema Berisha Krasniqi, Regular Professor

Vice-dean for Professional Programs

The vice-dean is the managing authority that handles the scientific and professional teaching matters in the absence of the Dean and carries out other duties authorized by the Dean.

The vice-dean also performs the following duties:

  • Organizes and supervises the work of scientific and professional teaching at Tempulli College;
  • Oversees the implementation of the curricula;
  • Oversees the units of scientific and professional cooperation of Tempulli College with scientific and professional research institutions of partner institutions;
  • Oversees the scientific and professional activities at Tempulli College;
  • Drafts the calendar project-plan of the teaching process and submits it to the Dean for approval;
  • Guides the drafting of the schedule for the lessons, exams and monitors their implementation;