Road Traffic

Profile of Road Traffic is a valid qualification accredited by the National Qualifications Authority (ACA) through Decision no. 01-600 dated 21.11.2017. Profile of Road Traffic is in Level 4 according to the National Qualification Framework (NQF) with 42 Credits of Vocational Education and Professional Professional.


The main purpose of education for the Profile Road Traffic is the exercise of personality for candidates to engage in a democratic society as an active and competent citizen.

Learning modules

Compulsory professional modules:

  • Computer work, Initial knowledge with AutoCAD;
  • Vehicle knowledge;
  • Road signaling;
  • Road accidents;
  • Road traffic regulation;
  • Charging mechanisms;
  • Protection at work and environmental protection.

Professional electoral modules:

  • Movement theory;
  • International road traffic conventions.


For this professional profile are 420 teaching hours (theory, exercises, internship and evaluation).