Menaxhimi i cilësisë

Tempulli has drafted and approved the documents that provide a legal framework for quality assurance and management, as follows: Regulation on quality assurance and management; Regulation on quality control and evaluation; Regulation on the functioning of the Quality Assurance Council; and the Regulation on Surveys and Evaluations.

The functions and responsibilities of the Quality Assurance Management Committee are clearly reflected in the Tempulli Organogram and the Office Quality Assurance Manual.

Coordination of activities and oversight of institutional management is clearly defined, and well-coordinated in order to function effectively and maintain independence and functionality.

The managing authorities responsible for assessment, before doing the assessment shall inform the Tempulli unit affected by this assessment on:

  • Areas;
  • Objectives;
  • Procedures and deadlines;
  • Instruments;

Preparation of the written report version after completion of the assessment for:

  • Assessment procedure;
  • Results;
  • Proposed measures;