Diplomas, certifications and certificates issued by Tempulli are public documents. Qualifications and applied science titles are assigned by Tempulli in full compliance with the applicable Law on Higher Education and other legal acts specified by the NQF.

Working on the bachelor thesis at the end of the bachelor studies is done individually by the student proving that the theoretical skills acquired during the study time can be successfully used to solve practical problems in certain scientific/applied fields.

Successful completion of the studies (depending on whether they are scientific or professional) of the first cycle makes obtaining of Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Professional Bachelor (BA).

Qualification: Bachelor of Transport Engineering and Road Infrastructure;

Specialization: Traffic and Transport Engineering;

Specialization: Infrastructure Engineering;

Specialization: Urban Planning and Mobility.


Postgraduate Master studies conclude with the development of the master degree thesis in accordance with the study program. The procedure for approving, elaborating and defending the thesis at Master level is determined by the relevant regulations implemented in close cooperation with the subject mentor.

Qualification: Master of Traffic Engineering and Road Safety;

Specialization: Traffic and Transport Engineering;

Specialization: Road Safety and Accident Management.