General Secretary

The General Secretary is Ms. Fatime Krasniqi, Graduated Lawyer.

She is directly responsible for administrative, legal and other duties as authorized or delegated by the Chairperson or Steering Council.

The general secretary also performs other functions, such as:

  • Provides professional-legal opinions on the application of laws and regulations in effect;
  • Assists the Dean and may sign official documents on behalf of the Dean, with his/her authorization;
  • Provides legal guidance and advice in the meetings of Tempulli College bodies;
  • Signs employment contracts, certifications, certificates and training diplomas, not including Level 6 and 7 diplomas under the NQF;
  • Manages the work of the professional services and is responsible for its activities;
  • Monitors material-financial affairs;
  • Ensures the implementation of the decisions of the Steering Council, the Academic Council and the Dean, as well as other work based on the description of his/her position;
  • In consultation with the Dean, in addition to regular committees, the general secretary may also appoint ad-hoc professional committees in relation to the teaching process, students and staff of Tempulli College.