Ethics Council

Fatime Krasniqi
Chairman of the committee
Eflorim Hajra
Member of the committee
Sokol Loshaj
Student member of the committee

The ethics council promotes and reviews ethics-related issues in teaching, research and professional activity.

The ethics council is established and consists of three members, representatives of academic, administrative and student staff.

The meeting of the ethics council shall be convened by the Chairperson of the council, who shall determine the agenda of the meeting.

Meetings are valid when the majority of members attend.

The decisions of the ethics council are taken by a majority vote of the meeting participants and submitted to the Dean for approval.

The Ethics Council performs the following functions:

  • discusses ethical issues in the course of the teaching process and in all institutional activities;
  • discusses ethics issues raised by academic staff and students;
  • drafts the code of ethics of the institution;
  • examines and makes decisions in cases of breach of the code of ethics by members of academic staff and students.

Tempulli has a code of conduct, which fully respects the principles and standards of ethics, academic freedom, institutional autonomy, transparency, academic work and research at this institution of higher education.