Driving School Lectures

Program for professional lecture in driving school

These programs are developed based on the Administrative Instructions No. 2008/11, No. 2008/5, and No. 2008/9 and other national legislation of Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment.

Purpose of the program

The purpose of this program is to determine the program for professional examination, licensing procedures for training professional lecturer from theoretical part for driving license.

Professional examination program includes:

  • Provisions dealing with training of candidate for driver;
  • Provisions of traffic and safety rules;
  • Psychology of learning of driver candidate;
  • Teaching;
  • Traffic technique;
  • Motor vehicle recognition;
  • Learning methodology.

Documents required for registration of the course

  • Application (acquired at the submission for seminars);
  • ID card;
  • Driving license;
  • Driving Instructor License;
  • Payment.

(Payment for attendance at seminars is made in accordance with MIT Decision No. 8329, dated 02.11.2017 on setting the fee for licensing exam submission, issuance of instructor license and related matters).