Diploma service


The objective of these guidelines is to ensure the uniformity of wording, lay-out, and format of Tempulli  College diplomas. As diplomas may be considered legal documents in some settings, uniformity helps to guard against diploma misuse and credential fraud.

Upon completion of studies, the student is awarded a diploma, which is designed in accordance with the legal requirements in the Republic of Kosovo. In addition to the diploma, the student is provided with the diploma annex (supplement).


These guidelines apply to all diplomas officially conferred by the Tempulli College in degree programs approved by the National Authority (Kosovo Agency of Accreditation).


Graduate degrees shall include the field of study.

Qualifications and applied science titles are assigned by Tempulli College in full compliance with the applicable Law on Higher Education and other legal acts specified by the NQF.

Successful completion of the studies (depending on whether they are scientific or professional) of the first cycle makes obtaining of Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Professional Bachelor (BA) possible, or a Master of Science (MSc) or Professional Master (MA) for the second cycle.