CPD Courses

The Center for Professional Development (CPD) is established in 2006. CPD organizes training programs, vocational training and professional certifications with programs that are evaluated by local and international experts and under the authorization of relevant government institutions.

All of these training programs and professional certifications will rely heavily on local and international laws that are in force, based on the relevant provisions of these laws or other by laws.

The training programs developed in the CDC are:

  • Transport of Dangerous Goods (means) by Air DGR;
  • Transport of Dangerous Goods (means) by Road ADR;
  • Transport of Dangerous Goods (means) by Rail RID;
  • Training of Safety Advisors for Transportation of ADR and RID;
  • Cargo Safety;
  • Professional Competence for Passenger Transport Driver CPC-D;
  • Professional Competence for Goods Transport Driver CPC-D;
  • Professional Competence for Manager of Transport Operator CPC-M;
  • Inspector in Vehicle Technical Control Centers;
  • Rules and usage of Digital Tachographs;
  • Training on Driving – Driving school;
  • Seminars for Drivers – instructors;
  • Seminars for Examiners, Lecturers and Administration Employees in Driving Schools;
  • Training safe Driving on ECP-Driving;
  • Drivers of Cars, Taxis and Vans;
  • Crane, Hoist and related Plant Operators;
  • Lift Truck Operators.

Depending on the program content and duration of these trainings the candidates are provided with CONFIRMATIONS, CERTIFICATES AND DIPLOMAS.

CPD professional programs are accredited by national and international institutions, such as the National Qualifications Authority (NQA), The Chartered Institute for Logistics and Transport (CILT) and International Road Union – IRU Academy. Some of these trainings are commissioned and developed under the Agreements with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (MIE) from 2006 and 2010.