Activities for the community

Tempulli continually encourages staff to participate in various forums where important community issues are discussed. The participation of the staff of Tempulli is particularly present in road safety related issues.

In the framework of community services, Tempulli, for many years in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology organizes and delivers lectures in primary schools on the application of traffic rules and the consequences of road accidents. This commitment by the staff of Tempulli is done on a voluntary basis. Also, in the calendar year 2019, the project of implementation of measures foreseen by the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of the city of Pristina, in Dardania neighborhood (the project is under implementation) was implemented.

There are also other local and international organizations and agencies with which Tempulli maintains ongoing contacts, consequently as a result of these collaborations so far three scientific researches have been conducted with 7168 students and 83 primary schools nationwide have been visited.

The staff at Tempulli continuously supports schools by engaging in various projects, lectures and events aimed at improving traffic safety.