Accreditation and Authorizations

Starting from the first preliminary accreditation of 18 December 2001, issued by the Department of Education, Science and Technology of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo-UNMIK, Tempulli has been continuously provided with (national and international) program and institutional licenses and accreditations. In October 2018 Tempulli has applied in the KAA for accreditation of the following five (5) study programs:

– Management and Economy of Transport – Level 6 NQF;
– Applied Computer Engineering – Level 6 NQF;
– Transport Engineering and Road Infrastructure – Level 6 NQF;
– Energy, Efficiency and Environment – Level 6 NQF;
– Traffic Engineering and Road Safety – Level 7 NQF;

Accredited study programs (bachelor and master) until 30.09.2022

– Transport Engineering and Road Infrastructure, BSc – Level 6 NQF;
– Traffic Engineering and Road Safety, MSc – Level 7 NQF;

Currently, Tempulli (for second- and third-year Bachelor students) is offering the study program:

– Traffic Engineering and Road Transport – Level 6 NQF;

Decisions for College Tempulli can be found in: here

In addition to the academic programs, since 2006 Tempulli College has established the Center for Professional Development (CPD), where training programs, training activities and professional certifications are organized within programs evaluated by local and international experts and authorized by relevant government institutions.

CPD professional programs are accredited by national and international institutions, such as the National Qualifications Authority (NQA), The Chartered Institute for Logistics and Transport (CILT) and International Road Union (IRU) Academy. Some of these trainings are commissioned and developed under the Agreements with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (MIE) from 2006 and 2010.