Study forms

Studies at Tempulli are organized in the following forms:

  • Full-time (regular) studies;
  • Part-time studies (without interruption from work);
  • Distance studies (online studies).

a) Full-time(regular) studies

According to the Bologna Convention for the Promotion of Higher Education in European Countries, full-time students must fulfill their curriculum obligations while studying. This means that they are required to attend lectures, laboratory-practical exercises, seminar work, fieldwork, periodic testing, semester exams, and must also perform their homework and project assignments. The curriculum focuses on developing specific intellectual knowledge as well as enabling the deepening of general knowledge in more areas of Tempulli College programs.

 b) Part-time studies (without interruption from work)

According to the Kosovo Higher Education Law and the Bologna Convention on Correspondence Studies, Tempulli College through its study programs will provide conditions for correspondence studies for students who cannot attend classes for objective reasons or they live away from the country. The course of study will be through seminars, papers and projects, consultations with professors and assistants, and written and oral examinations.

c) Distance studies (online studies)

Tempulli College can offer distance learning in all Bachelor and Master Programs, but also special vocational programs developed in the CPD.

Studies are conducted through the e-learning platform; which students/candidates receive:

  • Distance learning regulation;
  • Reading material for each subject;
  • Recommended book list;
  • Recommended online resource list;
  • Lectures on Power Point, etc.

Furthermore, as part of the program, authorial and online meetings (via Skype) or face-to-face meetings are organized with each lecturer.