Exam schedule

The exam schedule is set in a way that includes all students eligible to take the exam in each subject. The teacher should provide at least two exams for each subject on a regular basis. The exam calendar is announced at the beginning of each academic year. The time between the exam and the regular exam period is at least 5 days, and the extraordinary period is at least 10 days.

The student is advised that he/she will enter the exam by means of an application form (payment slip), which is confirmed by Tempulli College student service at least 5 days before the exam deadline begins.

Tempulli College determines the exam time for the candidates. Candidates’ timetable must be announced at least 2 days before the exam. If the student is unable to take the exam for any reason, he / she is obliged to notify in writing at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled exam date.

Exam deadlines are regular and extraordinary. Regular deadlines are