Prices and acknowledgment

Tempulli College awards honorary titles to persons based on merit.

The council shall issue a special regulation on the decision-making procedure on awarding honorary titles, distinguished student and teacher awards and acknowledgments.

The title “Arif Krasniqi” is the highest appreciative title of Tempulli College, awarded to:

  • Students who, at the end of their studies, have achieved maximum grades (all tens) or have received 70% of their grades as tens and the rest are nines, will receive a gold medal “Arif Krasniqi” with the respective certificate;
  • Teaching and administrative staff of Tempulli College, but also other experts in different fields and for the institutional partners, for their cooperation and contribution to the development and advancement of Tempulli College, receive the gold medal “Arif Krasniqi” with the respective certificate;

The title Doctor of Honor (“Dr. Honoris causa”) is awarded for:

  • Major achievements in the field of science;
  • Significant contributions to the development of human relations in support and consolidation of peace;

The title “Honorary Member of Tempulli College” is awarded for:

  • Continuous internal support and care for Tempulli College;
  • Relevant financial contribution for the development of Tempulli College.

Honorary titles are awarded by the Chairperson based on evaluation by a committee established by the office of the General Secretary.