Driving Instructor

By the Law No. 05/L – 064 on Driving License the Instructor of drivers is an authorized person for training the candidates for drivers in the practical part for the respective category.

What is the occupation of Driving Instructor?

Driving Instructor is a person authorized for training candidates for drivers in the practical part for the relevant category.

Purpose of the occupation of Driving Instructor

The main purpose of the education for “Driving Instructor” is to develop the personality of candidates to be involved in a democratic society as active and competent citizens, as well as to successfully engage in the ever-changing labour market. Significant challenges to achieve this objective include building self-confidence in candidates, cultivating the free will in decision-making, fostering readiness to life-long-learning and to be individually developed in emotional, intellectual and professional aspects.

Documentation and conditions for registration

Necessary documentation and conditions for registration are defined by law and administrative instruction from Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment.

Candidates should fulfil the following conditions and documentation:

  • Application (to be completed when registering);
  • Be at least 25 years;
  • Secondary school degree (original or notarized copy);
  • Category B Driving Licence for at least 5 years (notarized copy);
  • Valid ID card or passport of the Republic of Kosovo (notarized copy);
  • Valid health certificate (original or notarized copy);
  • Verification from the competent body whereby verifying that the candidate has no legal obstacles to attend education for driving instructor (not sentenced to imprisonment for more than 6 months) with final court decision, (original or notarized copy);
  • Contract and payment.

Achievement and Qualification

Following the successful completion of this qualification and assessment of learning outcomes, Tempulli will provide candidates with Certificates with the acquired qualification “Driving Instructor” Level 5 according to the National Qualification Framework (NQF) with 24 Credits in Vocational Education and Training (VET).

Institutional accreditation and validation of “Driving Instructor” qualification

Tempulli is accredited by the National Qualification Authority with the Decision No. 01-600, dated 21.11.2017, as provided for in the new Law No. 05/L-064 on Driving License.

Tempulli has been validated and accredited by the National Qualification Authority with the Decision No. 01-421, dated 30.07.2018, for the provision of training and vocational programs in the field of driving license, namely for qualification “Driving Instructor”.