Admission to studies

Upon employment or commencement of studies at Tempulli, the employee / student is provided with detailed information on internal regulations and procedures applicable to the institution. They are published and updated in accordance with the Internal and External Communication Regulation both physically and online. They are easily recognizable and accessible in the Tempulli and online, at

Admission to the first cycle of studies

Registration for studying is done on the basis of a public announcement, which is conducted on the basis of the decision of Tempulli College Council to publish the announcement.

The announcement for admission to each degree program must contain all the necessary information for the interested parties, especially:

  • the total number of student vacancies,;
  • the conditions for registration and the criteria for the selection of candidates;
  • the deadlines for registration and the documents for attachment to the application form.

Eligible for enrollment in the first cycle of studies are:

  • Any person who has successfully completed the State Matura has the right to run for admission to the first cycle of studies;
  • The first cycle of studies at Tempulli College may also be attended by foreign students, based on bilateral or multilateral agreements;
  • The first cycle of studies may also be attended by Kosovar and foreign nationals who have completed higher education (secondary study program), against the payment of the set fee;
  • Have the material and financial means to pay for the costs under the regulations and fees set for the studies;
  • Tempulli College, as an institution of higher education, has the right to propose special criteria for the selection of candidates who have completed the State Matura to be admitted to the first cycle of studies.

Admission to the second cycle of studies

Tempulli College has the right to accept enrollment in the second cycle of studies, students who have completed a first cycle study program, and meet the academic standards of the admission criteria;

The admission criteria for the selection of candidates based on academic admission standards to the second-degree programs are set out in the curriculum of each study program.