Traffic engineering and Road Transport

Traffic engineering and Road Transport –Level 6 according to NQF-Bachelor

Rapid economic development also depends on the contribution provided by experts from the fields of circulation, traffic and road transport. This brings into focus the need for educating personnel who will be professionally prepared for their respective areas.

Projects for road audit, road safety, infrastructure, road rehabilitation, construction and signalisation require professionals who are highly qualified.

Expected student learning outcomes:

• Plan and monitor the traffic and road transport flow

• Process and analyze data related to transport planning

• Maintain and manage the vehicle fleet of different organizations/companies

• Determine the routes and transportation conditions

• Develop and conduct traffic accidents expertise

• Road safety audit

• Project roads including horizontal and vertical signalization

• Manage the works in centres for technical control of vehicles

• Organize and give lectures from the theoretical part in driving school

• Determine the vehicle damage rating in traffic accidents

• Teach traffic courses in vocational high schools etc.

Some employment opportunities:

• Organizations that deal with urban transport

• Organizations that deal with inter-urban traffic

• Road construction enterprises

• Technical control services

• Professional services for traffic users

• trainings on road behaviour

• driving schools

• Car Insurance companies,

· Custom services, etc.