Tempulli’s movement through years

1992 Tempulli was established as a private and independent subject and through it Bureau has worked with analysis and expertise on traffic accidents.

1994 Tempulli starts organizing foreign language courses for all levels.

1995 Tempulli starts qualification of candidates for drivers.

1996 Tempulli publishes the first number of “auto tempulli” magazine.

1997 Tempulli is one of the initiators for the establishment of Independent Union of Auto School of Kosovo and the Headquarter of this Union for Prishtina Region.

2001 Tempulli organizes university studies on traffic and transportation and gets the preliminary accreditation from Department of Education, Science and Technology of UNMIK.

2002 Tempulli offers professional services to RTK to realize “Green Light” show as part of educational program.

2004 Tempulli establishes the High School and it is licensed by MEST for all traffic directions.

2005 Tempulli marks new results especially on collaboration with local institutions especially on organizing the tutorials as per students needs.

2006 Tempulli starts organization of the professional training for driving instructors.

2007 Tempulli is authorized by Ministry of Transportation and Post-Telecommunications for professional training of vehicles technical controllers.

2008 Tempulli signs some collaboration agreements with national and international institutions on university studies area.

2009 Tempulli based on recommendations of British Council for Accreditations from University College is converted on High Professional School accredited by KAA and licensed by MEST.

2010 Tempulli is beneficiary of the joint Project of European Commission Tempus and is accredited by The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transportation (CILT), UK.

2011 Tempulli is accredited internationally by International Roads Union – IRU Academy from Switzerland and it’s a full rights member.

2012 Tempulli celebrates its 20th anniversary. In the spring of this year Tempulli is accredited by MI to organize trainings for exams of managers and manipulators of dangerous goods (ADR), trainings for managers and professional drivers for national and international drivers for good and travelers (CPC).

2013 Tempulli is renamed again College and reaches agreements with MEST and other ministries, national and international institutions to organize national “Road safety” campaign. Tempulli starts the weekly TV show on “Road safety”.

2014 Tempulli becomes part of SEED Project which aims to harmonize professional qualifications of drivers in the region of Eastern Europe, including Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia, BH and Croatia.

Also, Tempulli signed Cooperation Agreement with European Road Stars Academy from Belgium on professional development programs.

2015 Tempulli signed Cooperation Agreement with University Sapienza of Rome; Faculty of Technical Sciences from UKLO University St. Kliment Ohridski; italian company "Politecnica".

2016 Tempulli signed Cooperation Agreement with University “Aleksandër Moisiu” Durrës.