Seminars on Instructor Driver

The College of Applied Technical Sciences “Tempulli” in cooperation with the Ministry of Infrastructure, organizes seminars on licensing and re-licensing of instructor driver.

The seminars are organized based on the Institutional cooperation agreements between the Ministry of infrastructure and College “Tempulli”, in accordance of the law in force on driving licence no.05/L-064 and the Administrative Instruction No. 2008/11 on licensing and certification of instructor drivers skills.

Organizing seminars

Organizing and development of binding seminars is done in accordance with the special program drafted by the College “Tempulli” approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure (MoI).

College “Tempulli” as an authorized institution by the MoI, organizes seminars for all licensed instructors of driving who exercise the profession of the instructor driver.


Seminars aim at improving and expanding the knowledge of licensed instructor drivers and are, in particular, dedicated to the instructors to meet the legal conditions for the renewal of license by the MoI.

The conditions for organizing the seminars

Seminars are organized at least once a calendar year, in accordance with the plan set, based on the number of instructors who shall be subject to these seminars in order to meet the conditions for re-licensing.

Lecturers in seminars are trainers and instructors who proved to be professional, specialists of the areas, certified professionals in specific areas from training of drivers for driving licences.

Documents required

- Application

- Proof for professional qualifications (licence or certificate from MoI)

- Driving licence

- ID card

Payment of seminars will be determined by the MoI, pursuant to Article 120, Paragraph 3 of the Law no. 05/L-064 on Driving Licence.

Only persons licensed for driver/instructor shall be entitled to participation.

What after the seminars are over?

Instructor drivers verified to have been regular in seminars shall be supplied with certificates /confirmations for participation, after the seminar is over.