Railway Traffic and Transport

Railway Traffic and Transport - Level 6 according to NQF-Bachelor

Before the year 2000, in Kosovo there were no railway secondary schools let alone railway higher education schools. Kosovo Railways were managed by workers coming from other parts of the former Yugoslavia.

Around the 80s, a small number of local workers received some railway educations and they continue to manage rail transport to this day. However, the integration of Kosovo railways in the regional and European network brings about a great need for new human resources who are able to design, construct, signalise and manage the national rail network.

Expected student learning outcomes:

• Plan and monitor the flow of rail traffic and transport

• Process and analyze data related to rail traffic and transport planning

• Maintain and manage the vehicle fleet of different organizations and companies

• Determine the route and rail transport conditions

• Develop and conduct rail accidents expertise

• Audit security in rail transport

• Coordinate the railway safety in the country

• Manage tasks in companies dealing with rail transport,

• Determine the train routes nationwide

Some employment opportunities:

• Railway stations,

• Monitoring of technique, technology and organization of traffic,

• Maintenance of tracks,

• Electrical equipment

• Rolling stock marshalling

• Automatic signalling

• Vocational high schools, etc.