Postal and Telecommunication engineering

Postal Engineering and Telecommunications - Level 6 according to NQF - Bachelor

With the development of modern technique and technology of the world and European Telecom, Kosovo Telecom is connected to the international network. Therefore, new projects require training or preparation of professional personnel. Today, mobile telephony and internet network covers almost the entire territory of Kosovo.

Kosovo has a shortage of qualified people for shipment of goods, securities, payments and similar. These are just some of the needs for staff qualified in postal transport and traffic, thus the education and training of new staff also develops and enhances the quality of postal services and telecommunications at Kosovo level and beyond.

Expected student learning outcomes:

• Lead and manage works in the Post of Kosovo

• Organize the work of companies that deal with deliveries of goods at home and abroad.

• Lead and coordinate works in call centres

• Manage works in mobile phone companies

• Organize postal traffic

• Maintain and repair telecommunication devices and equipment

• Develop projects for telecommunications networks

• Assemble and secure telecommunication systems in the field

• Organize and manage works in organizations and companies dealing with the design of fixed and mobile telephony

• Teaches courses in postal traffic and telecommunications in vocational schools in the country, etc.

Some employment opportunities:

• Postal company

●Postal delivery

• Mobile telephony

• Fixed telephony

• Call centres,

• Vocational high schools.