Third National Conference "Causes of Traffic Accidents from the Perspective of Students"

Prishtina, 28 September 2017

In the light of continued efforts to increase the safety of the movement of students in the country's schools through various activities, the College of Applied Technical Sciences Tempulli and Kosovo Association of Motorization “AMRKS” organized the Third National Conference "Causes of Traffic Accidents from the Perspective of Students".

In this conference, apart from the presentations by the representatives of the Road Transport Safety Council; Ministry of Education, Science and Technology; Tempulli College; AMRKS, the Kosovo Forum for Road Safety, there were also published the results of the research with the same topic, which was developed during the spring of this year with 3691 students of grades 11 and 12 of 23 high schools, from 10 different municipalities of the Republic of Kosovo.

According to the director of "Tempulli" College, Mr. Muhammad Krasniqi, through this awareness research there have been efforts to make the students aware of the existence of rules to be followed when leaving the house in order for them not to be endangered on the road.

Meanwhile, the Director of the Council for Safety on Road Traffic at the Ministry of Infrastructure, Mr. Burim Krasniqi said that the human factor is seen as the main cause of fatality accidents.

According to Mrs. Fatime Jasiqi from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, this research done in primary and secondary schools for identifying the causes of traffic accidents, can also serve as a guide to many educational institutions for the fact that there is a lack of information on road safety.