Tempulli gets international accreditation for adr and cpc

Geneva, Switzerland, 3rd July 2012

Director Mr. Muhammad Krasnqi and officer in training center Mr. Alban Ramabaja, on 2nd  and 3rd  July 2012 took part in an official visit in Geneva, Switzerland, on the occasion of the ceremony of accreditation of Tempulli by the IRU Academy training programs in the transportation of dangerous goods ADR and training for drivers in national and international transport of goods and people-CPC.

During the meeting at the headquarters of the IRU in Geneva, Mr. Patrick Philip, head of training in IRU Academy ceremonially handed over to Mr. Muhamed Krasniqi certificate of accreditation for training in ADR and CPC.

Kosovo delegation also met with the General Secretary of the International Union of Road Transport z. Martin Marmy.   http://www.iru.org/en_news_item?story=2098