Project road safety launched countrywide

Prishtina, 14 May 2013

Forum for Road Safety (FRS), on the occasion of the launching of the national project "Road Safety" at 10:00 held a press conference in the building of HPS Tempulli.

Forum for Road Safety is a comprehensive countrywide forum consisting of representatives from local and international institutions consisting of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Infrastructure, Ministry of Kosovo Security Force, Kosovo Police, ICITAP, Kosovo students Council, Kosovo's Parent Council, Teachers Council of Kosovo, Association of Kosovo Municipalities, OSCE, Prishtina Municipality, Federation of driving schools in Kosovo, design studio RROTA, where organizer of the activities are Professional Higher School Tempulli and Kosovar Association of motorization (AMRKS).

Present were representatives of all the above institutions and host of the meeting was Tempulli.

The meeting was opened by Mr. Muhamed Krasniqi, director of HPS Tempulli, who also was the founder of this project, who presented the project as a whole, expressing gratitude for the contribution of institutional representatives with special emphasis on the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and Kosovo Police.

The project will last throughout the year and will be developed in three phases. The aim of the project according to Mr. Krasniqi is to increase safety of children in traffic, encouraging creativity for students of road culture by offering additional programs in educational processes as prevention of road accidents and to increase traffic safety.

On behalf of MEST spoke Mrs. Fatima Jasiqi who announced the participants for the schools involved in the project from across the country and activities that include schools where it is emphasized that only one of the activities involving all schools and all communities.

Director at the Department for Public Safety - MIA, Driton Gashi also expressed willingness and support from MIA, will give this project and ideator commended for organizing this project with great value.

Project and planned activities were supported without reservation by Fisnik Cakaj representative from the Ministry of Infrastructure, and Mr. Enver Dugolli from Kosovo Security Force who also provided logistical support for project activities. Technical aspects of the program were revealed by Mr. Kolë Paloka, perennial expert in the field of communications.


Activities within the project is expected to begin later this month in schools planned by MEST.