College Tempulli has been licensed to provide Driving Instructors education

Prishtina, March 5, 2019

When the new Law on Driving License no. 05/L-064, dated 03.06.2016, entered into effect, there were no accredited institution in Kosovo to provide educational programs for driving instructors, nor any accredited seminars were being organized in the field of driving license, since this educational program (standard of profession) was not in the Official List of standards verified by the National Qualifications Authority.

Following the drafting of the "Driving Instructor" national standard, College Tempulli has met the legal conditions and criteria to provide education for driving instructors, a program accredited by the National Qualifications Authority and licensed by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, as of today (05 March 2019) has authorized College Tempulli to organize trainings and seminars for driving instructors.

This authorization was issued based on College’s Tempulli request submitted to the said Ministry on January 29, 2019.

"I am delighted that this accredited program and seminars for instructors in the field of driving license will now be offered in Kosovo as well. Kosovo citizens will now be able to attend a six-month educational program at an accredited and licensed institution for the said trainings and seminars.

College Tempulli since 2006, has provided trainings and seminars as an authorized institution by the Ministry of Transport and Communications. In these trainings we have engaged the best professors from the country and we have equipped the laboratories with state of the art equipment imported from abroad.

These two components guarantee quality assurance as well as gaining of skills in the profession. With this in place, College Tempulli besides providing academic studies, has also completed the mosaic of numerous trainings in the field of traffic and transportation" said Prof. Dr. Muhamed Krasniqi, director of College Tempulli.