Logistics and Transport

Logistics and Transport - Level 6 according to NQF -Bachelor

This program is designed for individuals working in the profession of logistics and transportation, usually in middle management. Often, employers are more concerned for their employees in the middle management level, because in the absence of strategic awareness they may inadvertently slow down the achievement of the company objectives.

A prerequisite for progress for many of these managers is that they have to develop and enhance their knowledge in terms of strategic issues, tools and techniques.

Besides accreditation by the Kosovo Accreditation Agency (KAA), this program is accredited by The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport - (CILT) International.

Expected student learning outcomes:

• Address topics of logistics and transport in the strategic context

• Manage the work strategy

• Manage the work in logistics and transportation

• Plan the strategic network in logistics and transportation

• Achieve strategic performance in logistics and transportation

• Understand research methods

• Create professional project in logistics and transportation projects.

Some employment opportunities:

• Logistics

• Supply chain

• Distribution

• Transport

• Warehousing

• Logistics consulting

• Logistics projects.