How to become an Instructor Driver?

Your natural choice for this program, for all categories of driving:

A1, A, A, C1, C, D, D1, B + E, C1 + E, C + E, D1 + E and D + E, M, L and T

Purpose of the training

Since 2006 Tempulli organizes education-training of candidates for driving instructor for all categories.

Capacity building for instructors completes the traffic mosaic. The candidates after successful completion of this education will pass their skills and experience to beginner candidates for drivers of all vehicle categories. Many data speak in favor of the need for more rapid onset of such training instructors, of which we will mention the fact that today in Kosovo are circulating over 600,000 different vehicles, a large number of which are directed by people who do not possess driving license, then the other fact is that in Kosovo also are operating over 300 private driving schools.

Documentation required for application

• High school transcript;

• High school diploma;

• ID of the Republic of Kosovo;

• Driver License of the Republic of Kosovo;

• Medical Certificate for Instructor;

• Verification from Municipal Court.

Pursuant to Article 14 of Law no. 05/L-064 on the driving license, persons fulfilling the following criteria are eligible to licensing as driver instructors

• Must be 25 (years old) or older;

• Must graduated from secondary school;

• Must have  five (5) years in possession of category B driver's license;

• Must have proof  (certificate or diploma) on accomplishment of drivers instructor training;

• Must have passed the professional exam for licensing as drivers instructor;

• Must not have been convicted of a criminal offense for more than six (6) months of imprisonment, by court final decision.

Theoretical part

• Basics of learning theory (Andragogist-Teaching);

• Traffic Psychology and Ethics;

• Basics of communication in Albanian Language;

• Traffic safety and rules;

• Knowledge of motor vehicle.

Practical part

• Driving motor vehicle;

• Personal driving of motor vehicle;

• Didactic driving of motor vehicle.


• Final driving test, organized under presence of a commission.

What should we know …

• Lectures are held for a period of three months;

• Timetable is done in cooperation with candidates;

• Mainly lectures are held on Saturdays and Sundays;

• Training for driving Instructor is organized even with exercises with the practical part (16 hours driving);

• After successful completion of the education program for driving instructor Professional Certificate will be issued;

• Women are highly encouraged to apply, 10% discount upon registration.