Candidate who want to be able to get driving license "B", must meet the following conditions:

- Age over 18 years old

- Medical Certificate

- ID card

- Red Cross Certificate

The minimum allowed age of the person to undergo the driving licence exam shall be:

Sixteen (16) years for category AM, M, A1, B1, L and T

Eighteen (18) years for category A2, B and BE

Twenty (20) years for category A, if he has at least two (2) years experience in category A2. Condition for two (2) years does not apply if the candidate for driver is at least twenty-four (24) years;

Twenty-one (21) years for vehicles with three (3) wheels (tricycle) with more than 15 kW;

Eighteen (18) years for category C1 and C1E;

Twenty-one (21) years for category C and CE;

Twenty-one (21) years for category D1 and D1E;

Twenty-four (24) years for category D and DE.