Driver instructor seminars

The seminars are organized as required by Section 120 of Law No. 05/L-064 on Driving Licenses (Official Gazette 10/17 June 2016), Administrative Instruction no. 21/2017 on Conducting Trainings and Seminars in the Field of Driving Licenses, Administrative Instruction no. 09/2018 on Amending and Supplementing Administrative Instruction no. 21/2017 on Conducting Trainings and Seminars in the Field of Driving Licenses, Accreditation requirements by the National Qualifications Authority of Temple College for the "Driving Instructor" qualification, and Decision no. 2203 dated 05.03.2019 of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, authorizing Tempulli College to hold trainings and seminars.


The seminars are aimed at improving and expanding the knowledge of licensed Driving Instructors and are a legal requirement of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to meet the criteria on renewing licenses.

Requirements for organizing seminars:

The seminars are organized based on groups and attendance is mandatory (at least once within the calendar year) for all driving instructors. The organization of the seminars is conducted in accordance with the established plan, based on the number of instructors, who are obliged to attend these seminars in order to meet the (re)licensing requirements.

Topics to be presented at the seminars:

- Driver's license candidate instructions on how to drive at a roundabout intersection, traffic entering and exiting;

- Knowledge and skills to be acquired by the candidate.


The lecturers presenting at the seminars are trainers licensed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (MIT), proven field instructors, field specialists, and professionals certified in the specific field of driving license training.

Documents required for seminar participation:

- Application (acquired at the submission for seminars);

- ID card;

- Driving license;

- Driving Instructor License;

- Payment.

(Payment for attendance at seminars is made in accordance with MIT Decision No. 8329, dated 02.11.2017 on setting the fee for licensing exam submission, issuance of instructor license and related matters).

Application for seminars:

Driving instructor submissions for participation in seminars take place every working day from 09:00 - 17: 00, until 26.09.2019 at 4:00 pm or via Email: [email protected]

What happens after the seminars?

Seminar attendance is mandatory for all licensed driving instructors who practice the driving instructor profession. Upon completion of the seminar, participants will be provided with certificates/proof of participation, which will allow them to complete their individual portfolio on professional development without the need for additional exams at MIT when their license is extended.

Contact Information:

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