Air Traffic and Transport

Air Traffic and Transport - Level 6 according to NQF - Bachelor

This program is organized for the first time in the country in 2011/2012. There is a great need for educating and preparing new professional staff to work in the field of air traffic. This can be illustrated with the fact that Prishtina International Airport in a year has an influx of 1.5 million passengers. College “Tempulli” estimates that Prishtina International Airport (PIA) has huge shortage of personnel with professional higher education, technicians and air traffic engineers.

Expected student learning outcomes:

• Plan and monitor the flow of air traffic and transport

• Process and analyze data related to air transport planning

• Maintain and manage works in the airport, platform

• Determine preventive measures in the airports emergency services

• Audit security at airports

• Co-ordinate with other regional airports

• Manage works at the airport

• Teach air traffic courses in vocational high schools in the country, etc.

Some employment opportunities:

• Flight control

• Platform operations

• Air transport and infrastructure

• Platform maintenance management

• Electrical equipment

• Management of vehicle fleet in airports

• Vocational high schools, etc.