About us

The College of Applied Technical Sciences "Tempulli" (hereinafter College "Tempulli") has the longest tradition in private education in Kosovo and has been committed to providing training and education for participants in the field of traffic since 1992.

Throughout all these years, many students and participants of various professional courses have passed through the doors of our college. We are convinced that with the work we have done we have played a role in increasing employment in Kosovo, enhancing the traffic safety, and in improving the quality of offer in the tertiary higher and professional education in Kosovo.

The founder of this institution was Professor Arif Krasniqi who used to say:

” Traffic is the blood-stream of the economy of every country, including Kosovo, and is a leading agent of continuous change and development of our country.  The blood circulatory system of the economy is the road, rail, sea, postal and air arteries.”

For well over two decades we have lived and worked with you, growing in numbers and developing more and more every day, making continuous efforts to train and educate new professionals and prepare them for work.

Same as has been the case before, we pay a great attention to your professional development; therefore, during the studies you can also join short professional programs in order to increase your competence. Training programs are designed in a way that combines the basic theoretical knowledge and practical work and practical professional skills opting for optimum results and ensuring that after the successful completion of your studies, you will be able to meet the demands of the labour market.

In developed countries of the world it has been proved again and again that the most profitable investment for every individual and society is investment in education and professional development.

Good luck!